The Route


Vic and Ray's route in 1909 started in Santa Rosa, California, and ended about 1,000 miles later in Seattle, Washington. Cities and towns on the route and the day we will arrive in each are shown below. A map of the route is to the right.

Total distance for our 2009 version: 1,108 miles (average of 100 miles per day)

A detailed calendar is here

wheels_north_map.jpg (193450 bytes)
Vic and Ray's route to Seattle

July 4: Santa Rosa - Winters 
61 Miles, 3,900' climbing
Detailed Route Info
July 5: Winters - Corning 
154 Miles, 6,500' climbing
Detailed Route Info
July 6: Corning - Weaverville
129 Miles, 10,000' climbing
Detailed Route Info
July 7: Weaverville - Yreka
105 Miles, 9,500' Climbing
Detailed Route Info
July 8: Yreka - Ashland
90 Miles, 2700' Climbing
Detailed Route Info
July 9 is a Rest Day in Ashland
July 10: Ashland - Roseburg July 10
144 Miles, 9,000' Climbing
Day Seven Info
July 11: Roseburg - Eugene
91 Miles, 3,700' Clmbing
Detailed Route Info
July 12: Eugene - Salem
100 Miles, 3,000' Climbing
Detailed Route Info
July 13:  Salem - Portland
76 Miles, 2,500' Climbing
Detailed Route Info
July 14 is a Rest Day in Ashland
July 15: Portland - Chehalis
95 Miles, 4,000' Climbing
Day Twelve Info
July 16: Chehalis - Seattle
104 Miles, 3,300' Climbing
Day Thirteen Info
July 17 is the last day of Wheels North. We will hold several events in the morning, then start heading home ... or to whatever adventure is next.

Wheels North! will follow the same route as much as possible, staying where possible on rural roads (but avoiding the railroad trestles and tunnels the original riders sometimes used).  Our end point for the ride is Drumheller Fountain on the campus of the University of Washington.

Drumheller Fountain--The end point for Wheels North

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