The 2009 Riders

Vic and Ray in Santa Rosa, just before heading north.  Join us in 2009 as we recreate their epic ride!

Here is a list of riders who be taking part in Wheels North.  Please email us for information on how you can join us for the entire ride or any part.  Basic information on what it takes to be a part of Wheels North is located here.  

Our riders need your donations!!  Follow the link below each rider's name to donate on our secure online site.
" indicates a link to the rider's blog.

Wheels North Riders
(... and click here to see a list of riders thinking of joining us)

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Peter "Rockstar" Burnett
Peter is a construction manager from Nevada City, CA, and a Big Fix veteran
Donate Online at Peter's Fundraising Page

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Mojo (left) with the late Sheldon Brown
Michael "Mojo" Cosgrove
Mojo is a psychiatrist from Davis, CA, and a Big Fix veteran
Donate Online at Mojo's Fundraising Page

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Walter "Big Dawg" Dawes
Walter is a massage therapist and bicycle messenger from Houston, TX, and a Big Fix veteran
Donate Online at Walter's Fundraising Page

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Warren Jones
Warren (a massage therapist, photographer, and musician from Davis, CA.) is married to Amy, who studies Ornate Hawk-Eagle predation on Titi monkeys in the Amazon.
Donate Online at Warren's Fundraising Page

Warren Jones' Blog

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Ken "Doc" McClain
Ken is a pediatric oncologist and histiocytosis expert from Houston, TX, and a Big Fix veteran
Donate Online at Ken's Fundraising Page
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Willie Myers
Willie is a college student from Carmichael, CA.
Donate Online at Willie's Fundraising Page
IMG_0383_800.jpg (215873 bytes)
Greg "Dr. No" Ngo
Greg is a teacher from Dixon, CA, and a Big Fix veteran
Donate Online at Greg's Fundraising Page
eric.jpg (54977 bytes)
Eric "Diesel" Norris
Eric is a city planner from Davis, CA, and a Big Fix veteran
Eric's "Campy Only" Web Site
Donate Online at Eric's Fundraising Site

Eric's Wheels North Blog
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Jim Pavlichek
Jim, a butcher at a natural foods store in Davis, CA, is the quintessential story of humble workman turned professional cyclist. Except for the professional cyclist part.
Donate Online at Jim's Fundraising Page

Jim Pavlichek's Blog
3317958258_aa02cd760b.jpg?v=0 (95851 bytes)
Randy Roten
Randy is a software engineering manager in Roseville, CA, and a Big Fix veteran
Donate Online at Randy's Fundraising Page
tt2008_4.jpg (66039 bytes)
Steven Smead
Steve works for Hewlett Packard in Folsom, CA
Donate Online at Steve's Fundraising Page
polo driving.jpg (41738 bytes)
"Gentleman" James Thompson
James is a bike polo player and mini-bike dancer, works on his dissertation in his spare time, and is a Big Fix veteran.
Donate Online at James' Fundaising Page
kevin_z.jpg (4429 bytes)
Kevin Ziegler
Kevin hails from Katy, Texas
Donate Online at Kevin's Fundraising Page

Kevin Ziegler's Blog
276565_23309125601228.jpg (46682 bytes)
Shawn and Allyson Ziegler
Shawn is Kevin Ziegler's son. Shawn and Allyson live in Pacifica, CA.
Donate Online at Shawn's Fundraising Page

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