Rider Requirements

Riders in the 2006 Big Fix at the Continental Divide. 

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What does it take to be a Wheels North rider?  Here are the basics:

bulletYou must be a strong rider, capable of riding 100+ miles per day, every day, for two weeks.  We will have a support crew with full rest stop support, but you should not plan to use them to carry you and your bicycle to Seattle.  (Remember: Vic and Ray had no sag support!)
bulletA positive, "can do" attitude is a must, as is a desire to be part of the group.  The riders on the Big Fix can tell you that this was the best part of the ride--the lifelong bonds of friendship that were forged on that event.
bulletEach rider will be required to meet minimum fundraising guidelines to participate.  Your participation in the event is free once you have met our fundraising requirements.
bulletAny kind of bicycle is welcome on Wheels North, so long as it is up to the task.  You will need to provide your own bicycle. We will have spare tires and other basics (cables, etc.), as well as basic tools.  You will be responsible for making sure that your bicycle is in good working order when the ride starts and for the duration of the event--we recommend carrying basic tools, spare tubes, etc., for roadside repairs.

If you have more questions about rider requirements,

Information on fundraising requirements is located here

Expanded rider information to help you plan for Wheels North is here

Click here to visit the Wheels North online fundraising page and set up your own fundraising site.

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