Historic Photos

1903_bike.jpg (260726 bytes)Presented below are high-resolution scans of original photographs and documents.  Our thanks to Evelyn McDaniel Gibb for loaning us these materials.

Note: All photos were scanned at 300DPI resolution and may take a few minute to download, depending on your connection speed.   Document scans are located below the photos.

Added August 2008--What kind of bikes did Vic and Ray ride?  Check out these scans from the 1903 Sears catalogue to learn more about state-of-the-art bicycles from the period.


santa_rosa_photo_1.jpg (1892836 bytes) Vic McDaniel (left) and Ray Francisco just before the start of their journey
santa_rosa_photo_2.jpg (1357849 bytes) This photo, taken just before the start of their ride, was used for our Wheels North logo

ray_and_vic.jpg (901512 bytes)

Ray (left) and Vic

ray_mccloud_river.jpg (2794648 bytes)

Ray, with fish caught in the McCloud River. Fish pens in the background.
ray_on_the_redding-bridge.jpg (432765 bytes) Ray Francisco on the free bridge north of Redding, CA
paving_roseburg_or_1909.jpg (1652367 bytes) Paving the streets of Roseburg, OR, for the first time in 1909.
Wheels North is indebted to Evelyn McDaniel Gibb for allowing us to reproduce these family photos of her father, Vic McDaniel.
vic_high_school.jpg (1867650 bytes) Vic McDaniel was not just a cyclist. He is shown in this photo (seated, center) as a member of his high school basketball team.
vic_wwi.jpg (345509 bytes) In this photo, taken about ten years after the ride, Vic McDaniel is shown in his Army uniform. He served in WWI as a soldier stationed in France.
vic_college.jpg (2153560 bytes) Vic later graduated from college. He had a long and successful career as an accountant.
vic_later_life.jpg (977258 bytes) Vic in later life on a visit to his daughter, Evelyn.
dscn0706_2.jpg (2253664 bytes) 1961--Vic was profiled in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  He said of his 1909 ride to the AYPE, "It was quite an experience, but I wouldn't want to have to do it again."

Document Scans

1903 Sears Catalogue (Bicycles)

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Article, August 1909--En Route

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Article, August 1909--Report from the "Tramps"

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Article, September 1909--"Hooray! Riders Arrive in Portland"
"Hooray, Part 2"

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Article, September 1909--Reached the Exposition!

1910 Automobile Club Map Book for Oregon State

1910 Automobile Club Map Book for Washington State

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