A Green Event

When Vic and Ray traveled the West in 1909, they tread lightly on the land, and took advantage of the unspoiled land, air, and water.  In keeping with this philosophy, Wheels North will be run as a "Green" event, minimizing our carbon footprint and the amount of waste we generate.  Measures we will include in the event include:
bulletUsing fuel-efficient support vehicles, and using the minimum number of vehicles necessary
bulletPurchasing carbon offsets for our vehicles' use
bulletUsing local tap water and minimizing the use of bottled water
bulletMinimizing the use of prepackaged food
bulletWherever possible, purchasing locally grown produce and locally produced food and drink for our daily needs.
bulletUsing reusable water bottles on our bicycles
bulletStaying in local schools, churches, and other venues where possible to reduce the need for the washing of linens at hotels
bulletUsing biodegradable lubricants and other products for our bicycles
bulletPatching our innertubes, rather than throwing them away

Do you have more ideas for us to make Wheels North as green as possible? Email us with your suggestions.

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