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Arms linked to support each other, looking forward with hope for adventures to come, Vic and Ray embodied the spirit of adventure that is Wheels North

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Ride Start: August 1909

Ride Start: July 4, 2009

Wheels North celebrated the epic 1909 adventure of two young cyclists: Santa Rosa, California, to Seattle, Washington, by bicycle.  We rode for all the children around the world suffering from Histiocytosis.

 The Wheels North Ride is Over!
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We were featured on KOMO radio in Seattle on the last day of our ride. Click here to hear the on-air interview.

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Several of our riders sent back reports from the ride. Check them out here:

Official WN Blog

Warren Jones' Blog
Kevin Ziegler's Blog
Jim Pavlichek's Blog

Follow the Route! Download the official Wheels North Route Book.

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Wheels North
is a benefit ride to help the
Histiocyctosis Association of America
in their efforts to fight a deadly disease. We ride for all of the Histio families throughout the world.

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Two Wheels North, 1909: The Original Adventure

Wheels North! is based on the true story of Vic McDaniel and Ray Francisco, two teenagers from Santa Rosa, California, who in 1909 rode to the Alaska-Pacific-Yukon Exposition in Seattle, Washington.  Their story was told by Vic's daughter, Evelyn McDaniel Gibb, in Two Wheels North, published by Oregon State University Press.  For more information about Two Wheels North, click here  

Postcards from the 1909 Ride

We are fortunate that Vic and Ray documented their journey.  For original photos and documents from the 1909 ride, click here.  For scans of original postcards sent back during the ride, click here

Our Route and Goal

alaska_2.gif (88508 bytes)Click here for information on the route from California to Washington, including links to detailed route sheets and elevation profiles.
Click here
for information on the Alaska-Pacific-Yukon Exposition, the original goal of Vic and Ray and our ending point in 2009.

Ride Calendar

It took Vic and Ray almost three months to reach Seattle.  We completed the ride in 13 days--a pace made easier by modern roads and bicycles but still requiring strong riding.  Click here for a calendar.

Our Riders

ray_and_vic_cropped.jpg (221264 bytes)A list of riders who have signed up to take part in Wheels North can be found here.  

Wheels North! Blog

Click here to visit our blog.  Our blog is at http://wheelsnorth.blogspot.com 

What is Histiocytosis?

Histiocytosis is a rare blood disease that is often fatal. Because it is rare, it is often mistaken for other conditions, resulting in delays in treatment.  Click here for more info

Press Info

Download press information, print-it-yourself flyer and poster, and Wheels North images. Help spread the word about our ride in your home town.  Click here

The Wheels North Blog is updated regularly with news and information, and will be the place to go to for daily reports from the ride.

The Big Fix

Click here to read our blog from the Big Fix, the 2006 ride across the USA on fixed gear bikes that raised more than $325,000 for Histiocytosis research. (Go to the June 2006 archive to see photos and reports from the ride.) Click here to learn how to buy your own copy of the Big Fix documentary DVD.


Please with any questions you may have about Wheels North or Histiocytosis

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Logo designed by Louis Lillegard. Image used by permission.

Wheels North! extends our thanks to Oregon State University Press for their permission to use images and information from Two Wheels North.  Louis Lillegard designed our logo.